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Sports Physicals

Our sports physical service is a comprehensive evaluation designed to assess the overall health and fitness level of athletes before participating in sports activities. Whether you're a student-athlete, recreational player, or joining a sports team, this examination aims to ensure your safety and optimal performance on the field.


Service Description

During the sports physical, you can expect the following:

  1. Medical History Review: Our healthcare provider will go through your medical history, including past injuries, surgeries, allergies, and any existing medical conditions that may impact your sports participation.

  2. Physical Examination: A thorough physical examination will be conducted to assess your vital signs, cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal system, flexibility, and overall physical fitness.

  3. Injury Risk Assessment: We will evaluate your body's alignment, strength, and balance to identify potential areas of weakness or increased injury risk.

  4. Medical Clearance: Based on the assessment, our healthcare professional will determine if you are medically cleared to participate in sports or if any limitations or precautions are necessary.

  5. Immunization Review: We will ensure your vaccinations are up to date, protecting you and your teammates from preventable diseases.

  6. Nutritional Guidance: Our healthcare team may offer advice on proper nutrition and hydration to support your athletic performance and overall well-being.

  7. Injury Prevention Education: You will receive guidance on injury prevention strategies, warm-up exercises, and stretching routines to minimize the risk of sports-related injuries.

  8. Rehabilitation Recommendations: If you have a previous sports injury, we may provide recommendations for appropriate rehabilitation exercises or therapies to aid your recovery and prevent future complications.

  9. Athletic Performance Tips: For competitive athletes, we can offer tips and training advice to improve your sports performance and endurance.

Our sports physical service is dedicated to promoting your health, safety, and success in sports activities. We encourage athletes of all levels to undergo regular sports physicals to ensure they are physically prepared and ready to participate in the sports they love while minimizing the risk of injuries.

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