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Integrative Wellness and Primary Care

Family Health

At Kingdom Wellness, we offer a comprehensive family health service that provides primary care and sick care, as well as annual wellness exams. We treat chronic conditions, illnesses and minor injuries, and provide preventive care to keep your family healthy. Our experienced staff of healthcare professionals is here to provide you with the best care possible.

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Family Health Services

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare model that focuses on providing personalized and accessible medical services. In DPC, patients pay a monthly fee directly to their chosen primary care provider. This fee covers a range of services, including check-ups, consultations, preventive care, and basic procedures. Because DPC eliminates the involvement of insurance companies, providers can spend more time with each patient, leading to stronger provider-patient relationships and more comprehensive care. This approach aims to make healthcare more affordable, transparent, and patient-centered.

Urgent or Sick Care

Sick care visits are medical appointments you have when you're not feeling well. During these visits, providers focus on diagnosing and treating your specific illness or health issue. They'll ask about your symptoms, run tests if needed, and recommend treatments to help you get better. Unlike regular check-ups, sick care visits address immediate health concerns to help you recover and feel better.

Annual Wellness Exams

Annual wellness exams are regular check-ups with your provider to make sure you're staying healthy. These visits happen once a year and involve talking about your overall well-being, reviewing your medical history, and discussing any concerns you might have. Providers may perform tests to check your vital signs, cholesterol levels, and other important health markers. The goal of these exams is to catch potential health issues early, offer preventive advice, and create a plan to keep you in good health throughout the year.

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