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Steri-Strip Wound Closure

  • 30 US dollars

Service Description

Steri-Strips are a brand of adhesive strips used for wound closure. They are thin, sterile, and adhesive-backed strips that are applied to the edges of a wound or surgical incision to hold the skin together during the healing process. Before applying Steri-Strips, the wound or incision is cleaned and properly prepared to ensure it is free of debris and infection. Careful attention is paid to aligning the wound edges correctly to ensure a neat closure. The Steri-Strips help hold the edges together, promoting the healing process. Steri-Strips can be used as a primary method of wound closure for minor lacerations or as a secondary reinforcement to sutures or staples. Steri-Strips are generally well-tolerated by patients and are less invasive and painful compared to some other wound closure methods. After application, the Steri-Strips may be covered with a sterile dressing. Patients may receive instructions on how to care for the wound, including keeping it clean and dry. It's important to follow the specific instructions provided by a healthcare provider for the care and maintenance of Steri-Strips. They are often used for wounds that are expected to heal by primary intention, meaning that the edges of the wound are brought together and can heal without significant granulation tissue formation. Steri-Strips can contribute to better cosmetic outcomes and minimal scarring in many cases.

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