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Breathing Treatment-SVN

  • 75 US dollars

Service Description

A small volume nebulizer (SVN) is a medical device that converts liquid medication into a fine mist or aerosol, making it easier for patients to inhale and deliver medication to their lungs. Liquid medication prescribed by a healthcare provider is placed in the medication cup. The compressor then generates a stream of air, which is directed through the liquid medication, creating a fine mist of droplets. This mist contains the medication in a form that can be inhaled by the patient. The mist is delivered to the patient through a mouthpiece or a mask, depending on the patient's age and ability to use the device. Mouthpieces are suitable for older children and adults, while masks are commonly used for infants and young children. As the patient breathes in through the mouthpiece or mask, they inhale the aerosolized medication into their respiratory system. The medication reaches the lungs, where it can be absorbed and provide relief from respiratory symptoms. The duration of the nebulization treatment varies depending on the prescribed medication and the specific condition being treated. Treatments typically last between 5 to 15 minutes, and multiple doses or medications can be administered during a single session. Small volume nebulizers are a valuable tool in managing and treating respiratory conditions by delivering medication directly to the lungs, providing relief from symptoms, and improving overall lung function.

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